Farah | The Brewer Shirt

Farah | The Brewer Shirt

Farah, the brand with the golden F, is a timeless classic brand that has been around since the 1920s. It all started in a factory in Texas as a family business and is now nominated for the Menswear Brand of the Year award 2018. 

Their main aim as a brand is to create modern collections with a perfect blend of casual, smart and rugged. They are very committed to producing quality clothing with great attention to detail, which is why we are proud to be selling the brand at our store. 

At Cactws, the Brewer shirt has been the best seller since we opened. They're 100% cotton and their slim fit, button down style makes them a perfect choice for work wear, but equally good for a date night too. We currently stock 12 styles of the Brewer shirt, and we have more coming soon. 

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