The Ultimate Sneaker Cure Cleaning Kit | Crep Protect

The Ultimate Sneaker Cure Cleaning Kit | Crep Protect

Crep protect developed a range of shoe-care products to help keep your trainers looking fresher for longer. Their products are easy to use and will help give your shoes the premium care they need. We believe that the Cure Cleaning Kit product is an essential for everyone, especially those who take pride in their shoes.

Takling a pair of dirty shoes can be a daunting task, especially if you're worried that it might damage the shoes. Fortunately, the crep solution is safe to use on any material - leather, unbuckle, suede, canvas, fly knit and many more. 

Step to step guide on how to get the same results as these muddy vans (thanks to the Forbidden Fruits Festival 🙄):

Step 1: Remove laces. Using the scrubbing brush, give the shoes a quick once-over to get rid of any dry dirt or dust. 

Step 2: Wet the brush. Add a dollop of the solution on to the bristles. Get stuck in and start scrubbing away. 

Step 3: Buff your shoes with the microfibre cloth to get rid of any excess lather. Repeat step 2 and 3 as many times as you feel necessary.

Step 4: Let your shoes dry   


Give your shoes the spa day that they need!

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