Book: Dad Dancing (And Other Embarrassing Dad Behaviour)


A spotter's guide to the innumerable ways Dad can embarrass the rest of the family, whether through ridiculous dancing, experimental facial hair, cringeworthy sportswear or putting his foot in it at funerals. Includes countdowns of the most embarrassing things Dads say in wedding speeches, the fashion fads Dad really shouldn't have bothered with, the 10 signs that Dad is having a midlife crisis, a handy diagrammatic guide to dancing like a dad, plus a liberal scattering of charts, lists and jokes and action shots.

  • Author: Allen, Ian
  • Publisher: Pavilion Books Ltd
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publication Date: 14/05/2020
  • ISBN: 9781911622406
  • B-Code: B050111
  • Illustrated: Photos and illustrations
  • Pages: 192
  • Dimensions: 160x125mm

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