CREP PROTECT 200ml Cure Refill



  • Cleaning solution refill for the Cure Ultimate Cleaning Kit
  • 200ml
  • Washes 90+ pairs of sneakers
  • Consists of 98% natural products (including coconut extract, jojoba and water)
  • Safe to use on any material - leather, nubuck, suede, canvas, fly knit and many more

Step 1: Pour water in a bowl & dip the brush from the Cure Ultimate Cleaning Kit

Step 2: Apply a small amount of the cleaning solution to the brush

Step 3: Carefully brush your trainers/shoes 

Step 4: Wipe your trainers using a microfibre cloth. 


Crep protect developed a range of shoe-care products to help keep your trainers looking fresher for longer. Their products are easy to use and will help give your shoes the premium care they need. 

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