LIGHT & LIVING JAELYNN Pendant Lamp Shade in MATT GREY RATTAN (50cm Diameter)


This Scandinavian style rattan pendant lamp shade in a matt grey colour will perfectly complement a neutral colour palette, or interiors that have a pop of colour with a toned down shade colour! A lovely touch to your dinning or living room. Rattan products are handmade and for this reason the weaving pattern will vary between items, making each one have a slightly unique look. It is also common to see splintered weaves with rattan products. 



  • 50cm diameter to the opening of the shade, and it is around 25cm in depth. If you need more information about sizing, please get in contact with us!


Light & Living was founded in the Netherlands over 40 years ago, making unique lampshades in a small factory. After being active in the lighting market for many years, they have expanded to include home accessories


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