Pampa Sport Cuff Outsider Waterproof Plus Boot in AMBER GOLD

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  • Stylish and sturdy
  • Sportcuff concept
  • Mid cut height gives a more young and athletic look
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Premium Nubuck waterproof impregnated leather
  • Tongue gusset


8 26 7 41
9 27 8 42
10 28 9 43
11 29 10 44.5
12 30 11 46


Upper: Nubuck leather, synthetic leather collar cuff, spandex tongue

Lining: polar mesh lining 100% polyester

Sock Lining: die cut eva + heel cup / cover in 100% polyester

Bottom: rubber


Gently rub with a damp cloth using lukewarm water and mild soap

Allow shoes to "air dry" naturally at room temperature

Stuff with paper on shoe tree to maintain shape

Do not force dry shoes with any source of direct heat


Founded in Lyon, France, for more than 70 years, the Palladium brand has been making footprints in history as the trusted choice for all open-minded and audacious explorers. In 1947, the iconic pampa boots were created as the official footwear of the legendary French Forein Legion by engineering sturdy canvas and durable rubber. We believe that life has much to offer those who dare to discover and break boundaries. Palladium engineers adaptable and agile equipment to give city explorers the freedom to embrace unexpected journeys every day. Our military heritage has deeply influenced our utility design spirit. Palladium footwear and garments are developed with timeless and function-first styles crafted today to stay one step ahead of the city life exploration.

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