Brand Focus | Pretty Green

Brand Focus | Pretty Green
Born in 2009, Pretty Green was founded by the Oasis member Liam Gallagher. Liam's motto for this clothing brand was to blend people's love for fashion and music. The brand is extremely closely linked to Gallagher which is evident through the clothing line, and it is said that he casts his eye over every product before it hits the stores. 
Pretty Green is one of many brands available at Cactws. Having previously won the "Menswear brand of the Year" award at the Drapers Fashion Awards, we are pleased to feature this brand in our store. Here are some of our classics from our Pretty Green range:
1. The Parka. Liam was known for his trademark Parka jackets throughout his time in the band Oasis, so it's no wonder that the parks is a staple piece in his collections. 
2. The Paisley Shirt. The paisley pattern is an iconic design to the brand and adds a classic vibe of the 60's. 
3. The Lennon Jacket. It pays tribute to John Lennon, with a design that is inspired by the jackets he famously wore.
 4. The Classic Paisley Logo Tee. Make a statement with the iconic signature paisley. 
"Clothes are important, man" - Liam Gallagher. 
Ps. If you're wondering where the name came from, it was named after a song by The Jam:

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