Cactws Club

Join the Cactws Club to earn Cactws coin every time you spend with us in-store or online. All you need to do is set up an account, and make sure to log in before doing any purchasing to get any rewards. If you join today, then you will earn 200 Cactws Coins straight away to get you started with collecting your Cactws Coins. By creating an account you can also keep track of your order history, as well as making checking out online easier and quicker than ever. The little crown icon on the bottom right of your screen is how you can set up an account and view your Cactws Club account. 

Here is how you can earn Cactws Coins:

1. Get 1 Cactws Coin for every £1 you spend in-store and online. Be sure to log in before purchasing online to claim your points, and to declare your name when checking out in-store so that the staff member serving you can assign your account to your transaction.

2. Get 50 Cactws Coin if you follow us on Instagram 

3. Get 50 Cactws Coin if you like us on Facebook

4. Enter you Birthday details to get 500 Cactws Coins (That's a £5 Voucher!) on your Birthday

5. Earn 200 Cactws Coins straight away after you join the Club

Here's how you redeem your Cactws Coins:

Once you have collected 100 Cactws Points or more, you can redeem your points into a voucher. You can either redeem online and receive a discount code, or redeem in-store and we will either provide you with a Gift Card, or you discount it off your next purchase in-store. 

Click here to join the club and get started in collecting you Cactws Coin