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CREP PROTECT 150ml Foam X Shoe Cleaning Solution

CREP PROTECT 150ml Foam X Shoe Cleaning Solution


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Your quick fix to clean kicks has finally arrived! Introducing Crep Protect FoamX – the game-changer in sneaker cleaning. Equipped with a built-in pump applicator, our premium quick-action formula not only gently lifts away dirt as it changes colour from purple to white, but also halves your cleaning time. 

 Perfect for leather, canvas, and nylon sneakers, FoamX is the essential foaming technology to rejuvenate your footwear with unmatched efficiency.


  • Contains specially formulated active cleaning agents in the foam
  • 150ml
  • Lifts dirt and grime effectively
  • Reduces need for extensive scrubbing
  • Eco Friendly: Water-based, safe for sneakers and the environment.
  • DO NOT use on suede or nubuck.

Step 1: Scrub away loose dirt

Step 2: Apply FoamX, wait for purple foam to turn white (approx 5 minutes)

Step 3: Wait! Colour change signifies effective dirt breakdown

Step 4: Wipe away the foam using a damp microfibre towel

Step 5: Leave the sneakers to air dry after cleaning.


Crep protect developed a range of shoe-care products to help keep your trainers looking fresher for longer. Their products are easy to use and will help give your shoes the premium care they need. 

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