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MELLER Aldabra Geometric Style Olive Lense Sunglasses in GOLD

MELLER Aldabra Geometric Style Olive Lense Sunglasses in GOLD


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The Aldabra sunglasses model highlists Meller's minimalist collection. This geometric metal shape features thin coined profiles and slender temples, combining comfortability and lightness. The perfect silhouette for everyone who’s seeking a fresh yet daring look. The quality metal, flexible and light, adds a sophisticated touch to your look, as well as providing 100% UV protection (category 3). These sunglasses are unisex, and comes with a storage pouch and cloth to keep the sunglasses looking fresh. 


  • Geometric shape, retro
  • High quality metal - flexible and light
  • Polarized lenses - reduces reflections caused by the sun on the water, snow or metallic surfaces
  • UV protection: UV400, category 3
  • Lense: Tac Polarized, Antiscratch and Super Hydrofobic Film
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Measurements: Width 136mm, Height 44mm, Depth 140mm
  • Unisex
  • Felt storage pouch and cloth included


Wipe clean. Take care. 


A fashion brand that offers high quality, trendy sunglasses and watches in a simple, direct and inspirational way. Started in 2014, born in Barcelona. 

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