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RIPNDIP Confiscated Mini Finger Tech Skateboard Deck

RIPNDIP Confiscated Mini Finger Tech Skateboard Deck


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This Ripndip Mini Finger Skateboard Toy is a classic plastic skateboard with Lord Nermal graphics. This board can be used as a finger skateboard by sliding it along the ground. The Mini Finger Skateboard is perfect for outdoor fun, no matter what age you are!


  • Mini finger skateboard
  • Lord Nermal graphics
  • Pack includes everything you need to build the board, including a mini tool to screw the trucks and wheels on. 


Born in 2009 in Florida, RIPNDIP is a huge name in skateboarding and is well-known for the chest pocket tee with a cat printed inside the pocket. Pulling the pocket down slightly, the cat will show a lovely little message for you. 

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